EP 8 – Rachel Fisch – Repurpose Your Content To Promote Your Brand

A NO is never a NO. It's a NOT YET.

That pearl of wisdom is from our guest, Rachel Fisch, who is a Sage Accountants Group Leader.

She's a former bookkeeping business owner who has had to pivot a few times in her professional life, but she always keeps the needle moving.

Nowadays, she focuses on developing her brand through speaking appearances and producing useful content for accountants and bookkeepers.

She's been able to multiply herself and her message by repurposing her content which has made her a terrific thought leader.

During this conversation, you'll discover...

  • Why you should create material once and figure out what mediums (ie: social media, blogs, podcasts, etc) you can use to effectively deliver it to your ideal audience

  • The importance of recording and transcribing your content if you're not a writer

  • Why being authentic in your marketing will resonate powerfully with potential clients

To find Rachel on Twitter, click here.

To visit her on Instagram, go to this link.

To connect with her on LinkedIn, here's her page.

To check out her appearances on The Green Apple podcast, listen here.

Dave Mendonca