EP 7 – Lee Schneider – Don’t Ignore Public Speaking To Attract Clients

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Did you write for the hit 1980s cartoon, ThunderCats?

Well, today's guest, Lee Schneider certainly did.

In a wide-ranging career that has taken him to many places including working on cartoon scripts, being a Good Morning America writer, a Dateline NBC producer, a popular University of Southern California (USC) instructor and the owner of a podcast production agency called Red Cup, it's been quite the ride.

Nowadays, Lee focuses on helping his clients promote their brands to their ideal audiences.

When it comes to how he acquires new customers, he's realizing that having in-person talks that address a real paint point is still powerful these days.

During this interview, you'll learn...

  • Why public speaking at your local Chamber of Commerce can be a great marketing tool

  • Why it's vital to have online discoverability and be mindful of the narrative you're creating

  • Why one of the most effective ways to speak to highly desired clients is through your own podcast

To check out Lee's company and his podcasts, visit RedCupAgency.com.

To learn more about his individual consultancy program, go to RedCup.us.

To get clean audio recordings for podcasts, Lee suggested Zencastr.com and Ringr.com.

For audio transcription, he also mentioned Descript.com, Speechpad.com and Trint.com.

Dave Mendonca