EP 6 – Nancy Duarte – Solve The Pain To Create Word of Mouth

TSONP - EP 6 - Nancy Duarte.png

Do you remember 1992?

Our guest, Nancy Duarte of the company, Duarte, which brings great business presentations to life, certainly does.

You see back then, PowerPoint presentations were ugly. No one wanted to touch them.  But thanks to Nancy and her husband, Mark, who founded Duarte, their firm took presentation design to a whole different level.

They were so successful that Apple was a big client and continues to be decades later.

Duarte solved the pain of terrible looking presentations and has enjoyed word of mouth referrals ever since.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • What Nancy did early on to attract clients

  • How Duarte secured Apple as a customer

  • Why you need brand ambassadors to get other people excited about your business

To find out more about Duarte, visit Duarte.com.

To follow Nancy on Twitter, click here.

To connect with her on LinkedIn, check this out.

Dave Mendonca