EP 5 – Steve Pratt – The Power of Original Podcasts with Brands

UPDATE # 3 - TSONP - EP 5 - Steve Pratt.png

Are you leveraging podcasts to promote your brand?

Our guest, Steve Pratt, the co-founder of the podcast agency, Pacific Content, has cracked the code.

He and his awesome team have discovered how to powerfully leverage podcasting to bring brand voices to life.

His company focuses on helping clients to create terrific story-driven content, that doesn't hammer people over the head with heavy-handed marketing messages, in order to connect them with more customers.

As a result, big brands are coming to Pacific Content as opposed to the other way around.

During this conversation, you'll learn...

  • How brands attract clients by creating great original podcasts

  • The importance of having strong SEO for your business

  • Why you must dig deep to research who your clients are and what they need

To learn more about Pacific Content, go to Pacific-Content.com.

Dave Mendonca