EP 3 – Farah Perelmuter – Are You Making 100 Calls A Day?

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Are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to promote your business?

Farah Perelmuter did.

As a Winnipeg teenager growing up, she had a vision of walking off an elevator in Toronto, seeing her business straight ahead then walking to her private office and sitting at her glass desk while looking at the CN Tower.

Her vision came true.

Being the co-founder (with husband, Martin) of Speakers' Spotlight and The Spotlight Agency, her private office in Toronto had a glass desk with the CN Tower behind her.

She worked hard to get there.

Back in 1995, she was making more than 100 calls a day, sending press releases and meeting people all the time including an influencer she awkwardly interrupted in the women's washroom!

Are you that DRIVEN?

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How your passion can help prospects turn into your clients

  • Why you should hang out where your potential customers are

  • The importance of using original content on social media to promote your brand

To learn more about Speakers' Spotlight, visit Speakers.ca.

To investigate The Spotlight Agency, go to TheSpotlightAgency.com

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Dave Mendonca