EP 25 - Annie Scranton - Why Being Valuable Is Good Marketing For Your Business

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Katie Couric.

She's a famous American television news anchor who has inspired many women to get into broadcast journalism.

Our guest, Annie Scranton was one of them.

Being a TV reporter was her goal until she was let go from a CNBC guest producing job when the show she was working on was cancelled.

At that point, she already had a healthy contact list due to her various media experiences, so she sent an email blast stating that she lost her job, and if anyone knew of any opportunities, they should let her know.

It was a great move because a publicist she previously helped book guests on the CNBC show she worked on, was asking if he could hire her to secure his clients on other CNBC shows.

At that moment, Annie discovered she had a different skill set and that's when the early seeds of her Pace Public Relations agency were planted.

During this conversation, you'll discover...

  • The importance of cultivating an email list

  • How to create time to network

  • Why it's vital to be valuable to others

To find out more about Annie and Pace Public Relations, click here.

Dave Mendonca