EP 23 - Daniel Katz - Why Building A Story About Your Results Is Important

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What were you doing at 12 years old?

At that age, today's guest, Daniel Katz, started his first of eight businesses.

Some of them included buying and flipping cars as a teenager and even breeding reptiles in his mom's basement then shipping them across the United States.

Nowadays, this young man operates, No Cow, which generates millions of dollars per year by selling non-dairy protein bars, cookies and nut butters.

Over the years, he has learned that if you can build a story using your company's data to prove its value, you can convince investors and clients to take you seriously.

During this interview, you'll also discover...

  • Why face-to-face interactions are best when dealing with buyers and investors

  • How to react when haters send negativity your way

  • Why you don't have to follow popular business mentors to find success

To learn more about No Cow, check this out.

To check out Daniel's LinkedIn profile, visit here.

Dave Mendonca