EP 21 - Shaun Hibbs - How To Leverage Amazon To Promote Your Book & Business

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It's not just for buying stuff anymore.

For entrepreneurs, authors and/or thought leaders who write books, they can use this powerful website to increase their profile and attract new clients.

Our guest, Shaun Hibbs, who is the President and CEO of Authors On Fire, has helped his clients do the above by using Amazon advertising campaigns.

During this conversation, you'll learn...

  • What you should do before you market your book on Amazon

  • Why having the right keywords in your book title and description are important

  • Where you can set up your Amazon advertising campaign

To find out more about Shaun and to listen to his podcast, check out http://www.auonfire.com.

To buy his book, 3 Weird "Marketing Secrets" Of Successful Authors On Amazon: How They Got To #1, click here.

To self-publish your book using Kindle Direct Publishing, visit https://kdp.amazon.com/.

To set up your Amazon advertising campaign, go to https://advertising.amazon.com.

To hire a writer on Upwork, explore https://www.upwork.com.

Dave Mendonca