EP 20 - Alexandra Levit - Longevity Can Make Your Brand A Winner

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Have you ever been to space camp?

Our guest, workplace expert and futurist, Alexandra Levit has.

Actually, at 11 years old, she made a business case to her parents to convince them to let her check it out and it worked!

She put a lot of time into that presentation. In fact, she's a firm believer in spending hours upon hours studying something to become an expert.

When Alexandra released her first book, it took her 4 years to actually make a living as a thought leader in her field.

It takes time, but you start small.

She's been pumping out consistent content since 2004 and it's helped get her name out there.

During this conversation, you'll also discover..

  • How entrepreneurs can help their staff reach their potential

  • How you can evaluate if a side hustle is worth your time

  • How workers can look for hidden career opportunities within their current companies

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Dave Mendonca