EP 19: Marc Saltzman - How To Sell Yourself To Promote Your Brand

Imagine being a bill collector.

Your role is to be persistent and aggressive to get people to pay their credit cards.

Yes, it's a terrible job, but it's one that taught today's guest, Marc Saltzman, the art of not taking no for an answer.

You see, he didn't become a popular technology evangelist, who makes appearances on CNN and other mainstream media outlets, overnight.

He was hungry, resilient and always ready to be an effective self-promoter to create the next opportunity.

During this conversation, you'll discover..

  • How to secure media appearances to promote your brand

  • How to think creatively to set yourself apart in your industry

  • The importance of focusing on the right medium(s) to communicate your value

To find out more about Marc, visit marcsaltzman.com.

For information on his CNBC show, Tech Impact, click here. 

Dave Mendonca