EP 18 - Arif Noorani - How Podcast Promotion Can Elevate Your Brand

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Be a dentist.

That's what the mother of our guest, Arif Noorani once told him to do.

Thank goodness he didn't agree with her.

Today, he is the Executive Producer of Podcasts for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

For those not familiar, the CBC is basically the BBC of Canada.

Under Arif’s reign, the CBC's podcasts have had over 180 million downloads in the last 3 years.

Some of the marketing reasons for that include buying ads on relevant podcasts and having podcast-to-podcast cross promotion with like-minded shows.

During this conversation, you'll learn...

  • Why advertising on podcasts is effective

  • Why people are using podcasting as an extension of their social media to promote themselves

  • Why it's important to find industry influencers to market your brand

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To listen to the CBC's podcasts, click this link

Dave Mendonca