EP 16 - Amanda Cupido - Your Enthusiasm Will Generate Buzz

TSONP - EP 16 - Amanda Cupido.png

Positive energy.

When you bring it into any room you're in, you'll notice people will likely gravitate towards you.

If you have passion and enthusiasm, it can set you apart.

Today's guest is a great example.

Amanda Cupido, who was so fascinated by the radio industry she'd constantly call into shows including on school field trips where she'd get her classmates to create crowd noise while she was on the air, is passionate about podcasting and her energy is infectious.

The author of Let's Talk Podcasting has inspired many others to take advantage of this growing medium.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • Why podcasting has great listener retention rates 

  • Whether you should appear as a podcast guest or host a podcast to best attract clients

  • How podcasting can target your ideal audience

To find out more about Amanda, visit amandacupido.com.

To buy her book, Let’s Talk Podcasting, click here.

Dave Mendonca