EP 15 - Emily Thompson - Little Conversations Can Lead To Big Opportunities

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What were you doing in 2009?

For our guest, Emily Thompson, that was the year she founded her company, Indie Shopography.

While the financial crisis was still gripping the world, she designed business websites for creatives and those who lost their careers and were trying to do something new.

Along this journey, she would have many conversations with prospects and clients.

The common thread was people always wanted to know she cared about them and conversations were a way to let them realize she did.

Later on, Emily would learn even little chats about someone's cute shoes at a conference years before could result in a great partnership today.

You just never know.

Today, she is thriving as a co-host of the hit business podcast, Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and they're first time authors of the book with the same name.

During this episode, you'll also discover...

  • The importance of having meaningful conversations on a small scale

  • How Emily's chats with Kathleen led to the creation of the podcast which became a client generator for her next company

  • Why it's important to create valuable experiences to attract customers

To listen to the Being Boss podcast, go here

To buy the book, Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms, visit this link

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