EP 5 – Steve Pratt – The Power of Original Podcasts with Brands
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Are you leveraging podcasts to promote your brand?

Our guest, Steve Pratt, the co-founder of the podcast agency, Pacific Content, has cracked the code.

He and his awesome team have discovered how to powerfully leverage podcasting to bring brand voices to life.

His company focuses on helping clients to create terrific story-driven content, that doesn't hammer people over the head with heavy-handed marketing messages, in order to connect them with more customers.

As a result, big brands are coming to Pacific Content as opposed to the other way around.

During this conversation, you'll learn...

  • How brands attract clients by creating great original podcasts

  • The importance of having strong SEO for your business

  • Why you must dig deep to research who your clients are and what they need

To learn more about Pacific Content, go to Pacific-Content.com.

Dave Mendonca
EP 4 - Roland Lazenby – Why You Should Use Divergent Thinking
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What would you do if you had an aneurysm at age 24?

Well, our guest, Roland Lazenby, who is an acclaimed basketball author of books such as Michael Jordan: The Life and Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant, did have one then he decided to test his brain by running 5 miles after the doctor told him he should get his affairs in order.

Yep, Roland was fearless and a different kind of thinker.

He still is.

In fact, these days he enjoys using divergent thinking, a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions, to help him make decisions.

If you're having issues figuring out your marketing strategy, divergent thinking can be an answer.

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How divergent thinking can help you create the process to select the clients you want to market to

  • Why you should have incredible knowledge of your business, product, service and/or industry

  • Why you must use the Best Minds Principle for your success

To buy Roland's books, visit here.

To follow him on Twitter, click this link.

To connect with him on LinkedIn, visit his page.

Dave Mendonca
EP 3 – Farah Perelmuter – Are You Making 100 Calls A Day?
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Are you willing to do WHATEVER it takes to promote your business?

Farah Perelmuter did.

As a Winnipeg teenager growing up, she had a vision of walking off an elevator in Toronto, seeing her business straight ahead then walking to her private office and sitting at her glass desk while looking at the CN Tower.

Her vision came true.

Being the co-founder (with husband, Martin) of Speakers' Spotlight and The Spotlight Agency, her private office in Toronto had a glass desk with the CN Tower behind her.

She worked hard to get there.

Back in 1995, she was making more than 100 calls a day, sending press releases and meeting people all the time including an influencer she awkwardly interrupted in the women's washroom!

Are you that DRIVEN?

During this interview, you'll discover...

  • How your passion can help prospects turn into your clients

  • Why you should hang out where your potential customers are

  • The importance of using original content on social media to promote your brand

To learn more about Speakers' Spotlight, visit Speakers.ca.

To investigate The Spotlight Agency, go to TheSpotlightAgency.com

To follow Farah on Instagram, click here.

For her Twitter page, check out this.

To connect with her on LinkedIn, go here.

Dave Mendonca
EP 2 - Farnoosh Torabi - Get Curious & Leverage Your Network
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Do you REALLY know who is in your network?

You'd be surprised who you know that is connected to somebody that could potentially get your business to a new level of success.

Finance expert and the host of the hit podcast, So Money, Farnoosh Torabi, figured this out in her 20s when she was a personal finance columnist.

At the time, a work colleague of hers mentioned that she received a book deal and Farnoosh thought that was something she'd like as well, so she dipped into her network for published authors and experts to discover the path towards a book deal.

It worked.

In 2008, her first book, You're So Money: Live Rich, Even When You're Not was born.

So, don't be afraid to look around and ask, you'd be surprised where it can take you.

During this conversation, you'll learn...

  • Why curiosity will serve your journey towards success

  • Why you need to create useful content that connects you with influencers

  • Why it's necessary to fail fast so you can learn more lessons in less time

To check out Farnoosh's So Money podcast, click here.

To find her on Instagram, check this out.

To follow her on Twitter, click this link.

Dave Mendonca
EP 1 - Beyonce - How To Connect With Powerful Influencers
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You've probably heard of her. 

She's a musical icon who has an incredible amount of influence. 

Imagine if she could promote your brand? 

That would be a game-changer. 

Well, to attract her attention or any powerful influencer, it's not easy especially if you're a nobody. 

Our host, Dave Mendonca, who was once a no-name entertainment print journalist that actually booked and interviewed Beyonce himself, will not only share his tips on how to secure a conversation with a powerful influencer, but you'll also hear his 2008 phone interview with the Grammy Award-winner.

Yes, we're debuting this podcast with a BANG!

It's Dave's first time hosting a podcast in 5 years, so he might be a little rusty, but he's ready to give you some entertainment, information and a quirky episode!

Here are a couple websites to search for influencer email addresses:



Here's an old sample cold email below to send to a powerful influencer's assistant/manager/agent if you’d like to arrange an interview with her.

Tailor it to get the outcome you’re looking for:

Hello ________,

I trust you`re well. My name is ______. I’m a (insert platform – ie: Writer’s Digest, etc) freelance (insert genre – ie: music, etc) writer who’d like to have a 10-15 minute phone interview with (influencer's name) to promote her (briefly describe upcoming projects, businesses or charity work) to our (insert relevant demographics description – ie: global, young, music savvy, etc) audience.

If she decides to participate in this interview, she'll join a great list of those I've written about including Beyonce, Jamie Foxx and Sean Astin to name a few.

I’d like to conduct the interview early next month (make sure you give your influencer about 3-4 weeks’ notice). Since I realize she has a busy schedule, I’m willing to speak with her any day she is available.

To find out more about my work and credibility, here is my website (hyperlink site) and I’ve included some of my past celebrity interviews at the below links.

(insert links)

Thank you for your time.

I look forward to your response.

Enjoy your day,



Dave Mendonca