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Dave Mendonca is a Toronto, Ontario, Canada native and former chicken factory worker who would later become a national television sports reporter, entertainment print journalist, podcast host/guest booker, traditionally published author and the founder of the podcast guest booking agency, Podcast Interview Experts.

Throughout his media career, he has interviewed many high profile athletes, celebrities and entrepreneurs including Grammy Award-winner, Beyonce, Academy Award-winner, Jamie Foxx, Lord of The Rings star, Sean Astin, and Star Wars actor, Anthony Daniels to name a few.

Dave's written work has appeared in ESPN.com, Entrepreneur.com, Star Wars Insider, The Dallas Morning News and others.

He's also the author of 3 books including Get Booked! Attract More Clients & Boost Your Brand Through Business Podcast Guest Appearances.

As well, he's a passionate NBA basketball fan (go Raptors!), aspiring movie screenwriter and lover of pretzels dipped in salsa.

Yes, he's THAT guy. :)

For more information, email Dave@PodcastInterviewExperts.com.

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